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What does a Blog look like?
This is a Classblogmeister Blogsite - you can visit it HERE
  • A Classblogmeister Blogsite has a central 'shared' class celebration/information area.
  • When you click on the Room numbers down the righthandside a menu appears with every child's name - their own individual page.
  • Photo's must be 'hosted' on the web. This means at a site such as Flickr- so that you can obtain the code to place on your entry. (This is the one downfall of this type of site!).

This is a Blogger site - you can visit it HERE
Many thanks to Allanah King and Appleby School (Nelson)

  • A Blogger site does not have individual pages but rather a 'whole' celebration site.
  • You can 'tag' children's entries so that they appear 'organised' and are easily tracked.
  • Photo's do not need to be hosted on the internet.